Private crochet lesson- Flower motif chair mat vol. 1

One of my students at Michaels contacted me and we had a private crochet lesson today 🙂 Since we shared the basic information via email, she got all the materials we needed for the class. In her e…

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wpid-wp-1437071323969.jpgI love cycling.. I love to explore new roads.. But yes i really like if i have a good company. And anuj is best 🙂 he is a good listener. Our way of looking nature and observing surroundings are similar.. 🙂 he likes cycling too.

I used to do cycling when i was in Nadiad. Canal was my favorite place for that. Anuj and i used to go for cycling at 5:00 am in the morning in thrilling cold days of December and January.

Since last 2-3 days, we were going for long ride in the evening. And trying to explore new roads. And today we drove 16.8 km on san tomas Aquino creek trail. The route was scenic. We saw Levi’s stadium. Went from underpass. The atmosphere was peasant. Enjoyed 🙂

When i came to US. Initially everything was new to me. I enjoyed first month here learning new things. After that i started missing my country (not only people) but the feelings, atmosphere, system, everything. Somehow i felt that if i will live in US then i will start forgetting my country and will become habitual to the facilities. But i am happy that didn’t happen. I went to my country for a month and i didn’t forget a single thing of it. I started falling in love again 🙂 i love my country more than i did when i was there 🙂

Now after coming back to here. Some how i am feeling free. I actually started enjoying this place. I actually accepted this country the way it is.
Welcome to america, dipal 😀