Private crochet lesson- Flower motif chair mat vol. 1

One of my students at Michaels contacted me and we had a private crochet lesson today 🙂 Since we shared the basic information via email, she got all the materials we needed for the class. In her e…

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In our indian culture, cooking is by default responsibility/job/duty of girls. It is shocking if a boy cooks something or helps his wife in the kitchen. But luckily now a days the scenario is changed.

For me cooking is fun. I like to arrange ingredients as you find in a cookery show before making any dish. I like to decorate them. I like the different colors of vegetables and spices. I love the aroma of spices. I love to serve food creatively and to take a picture of it. I have all the pictures of my daily dishes 🙂
They inspire me to make another beautiful dishes. I like to try new dishes. Cooking is an art. It requires lots of patience. And that’s why it a sole responsibility of a girl,i suppose. 😀

When i was a child, i used to play with small utensils and used to copy my mother. I think this has been done by every girl in her childhood. I didn’t know how to cook like my mother till i completed my graduation. I really found it difficult and boring. I started making my own food when i shifted to live in college staff quarters with sunayana. We experimented so many dishes. We used to have street dogs around our house. So whatever we didn’t make property, it directly went to dog’s stomach. 😀
Gradually i started realising that cooking is fun.

After i got married and came to US. Initially i didn’t enjoy making food. May be it was because of the new induction stove or home sickness. But Anuj was foody. And yes he is still foody. (Foody means, the one who enjoys eating tasty dishes). Whenever i make good food, Anuj gets happy and i love to watch his face. So i started making new dishes everyday.

Indirectly Anuj taught me so many things in my life. I am thankful to him 🙂

And gradually understood that cooking is so soothing. It can give you joy 🙂 . I never expected any good complements for my food, i think that makes me more happy. But yes i like if some one appreciate my food. At the same time, i don’t like to be in the kitchen for whole day as my sister is doing. I can’t do that. I think that destroys your creativity.

I forget the main thing. From where i used to get help for making new dishes. It is youtube. Yes, it is. In my free time, i watch food channels. And i learn and i cook 😉 and of course my mother is my ideal. If i find something tasty at someone’s place then i quickly take out recipe and i can’t wait to make it. I love sweet dishes. I can make sweet dishes at 11:00pm also. 😀

I can write a book on cooking. But will stop here only. I want to make my own recipe book. I don’t know when will i able to do that. But i am happy that i am ambitious about that too.

I m hungry now. Let’s eat. 😀


wpid-wp-1437071323969.jpgI love cycling.. I love to explore new roads.. But yes i really like if i have a good company. And anuj is best 🙂 he is a good listener. Our way of looking nature and observing surroundings are similar.. 🙂 he likes cycling too.

I used to do cycling when i was in Nadiad. Canal was my favorite place for that. Anuj and i used to go for cycling at 5:00 am in the morning in thrilling cold days of December and January.

Since last 2-3 days, we were going for long ride in the evening. And trying to explore new roads. And today we drove 16.8 km on san tomas Aquino creek trail. The route was scenic. We saw Levi’s stadium. Went from underpass. The atmosphere was peasant. Enjoyed 🙂

When i came to US. Initially everything was new to me. I enjoyed first month here learning new things. After that i started missing my country (not only people) but the feelings, atmosphere, system, everything. Somehow i felt that if i will live in US then i will start forgetting my country and will become habitual to the facilities. But i am happy that didn’t happen. I went to my country for a month and i didn’t forget a single thing of it. I started falling in love again 🙂 i love my country more than i did when i was there 🙂

Now after coming back to here. Some how i am feeling free. I actually started enjoying this place. I actually accepted this country the way it is.
Welcome to america, dipal 😀